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HACCP/ISO 22000 ISO 9001:2008

Through years of market development and its ever-changing requirements we have always been trying to improve and perfect our products.  Here you will them divided into groups, in order to make it easier for you to find the searched item. Very strict selection criteria that are applied to the products on offer will allow to make the best choice.
During this short time our company has been existing, that is since 1991, we have manufactured thousands tons of goods, sold mainly on the Polish market. For a few years now, especially since Poland's entering the EU we have been expanding our activities in other countries.  This is possible thanks to the uniform legal requirements concerning production conditions, product marking, and the  substances approved for consumption.
It is easy to count that at least several million tons of food have been produced using our products. We are doing our best to meet the needs of the market and supply it with the taster solutions from various regions of Europe and other continents, which are becoming more and more popular. We also make an effort to introduce other countries to our traditional cuisine.